Edoardo Turelli

Turning great ideas into successful tech products.
Tech ninja, lead, and entrepreneur.

I've been mastering software engineering for a while now.
Co-founded Koinup, the leading social media for virtual worlds and game creatives - acquired by ExitReality. Created Flux, a popular news reader app available in 7 languages and featured app in 100+ countries (I'm surely biased, but some people seem to love it). Led the team as VP Engineering at Adbrain.

You can read my thinking on software engineering and tech leadership. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

I help early stage startups, consulting on software engineering strategies, product development, and agile delivery.

I build things for you, shipping production code.

I give private and public talks, on neo-agile methodologies, software architecture, and engineering culture.

if you're interested.

PS: I also do some amateur acting and tap-dancing